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Запит – ріпакова олія
Ср, 18 Листопада 2020, 15:11


NIF: B38871091 calle Arguayoda, 7P01 7 ED Astur, San Isidro – San Isidro, Tenerife, Spain,

+34662275053, +34615885529, e-mail: casagratis.es@gmail.com Tenerife, Spain 11.11.2020

We are willing to buy product such as, crude degummed rapeseed oil in under the following terms and conditions:



Packing: Flexitanks – 200 000 Mt

The total volume of 200,000 tons shall be delivered in a period of 4 months in accordance to the following schedule: First trial shipment, 25,000 tons/1st Month, 50,000 tons/2nd Month, 75,000 tons/3rd Month, 50,000 tons/4th Month


Packaging: International standard seaworthy packaging, transported via flexi tanks in shipping containers.

Crude Rapeseed Oil Specifications Specific Gravity @ 25C 0.912 – 0.920

Iodine Value 97 – 115

Saponification Value 170 – 180

Free Fatty Acids < 1.0%

Color Gardner 4 Max

Moisture < 0.05%

Appearance Pale yellow, bright & clear oily liquid

Flavor and Odor Bland, almost odorless

Test Items Max

1 Lead 0.1mg/kg

2 Arsenic 0.1mg/kg

3 Acid value 2.5mg/g

4 Peroxide value 4mg/Kg

5 Aflatoxin Bl 8μg/kg

6 Residual Solvent 50mg/kg

7 Dimethoate 0.05mg/kg

8 Diquat 0.05mg/kg

9 Fenthion 0.01mg/kg

10 Haloxyfop-methyl(Haloxyfop&Haloxyfop-p) 1mg/kg

11 Procymidane 0.5mg/kg

12 Chlordane 0.05mg/kg

13 Paraquat 0.05mg/kg

14 Paclobutrazol 0.5mg/kg

15 Chlormequat 0.1mg/kg

16 Bifenthrin 0.1mg/kg

17 Benzopyrene 8μg/kg

18 Moisture and volatile matter 0.20%

19 Insoluble Imourities 0.20%

20 Phosphorus 100PPM

21 Density 0.914-0.920

22 Sediments 0.10%

23 Erucic Acid 2%

Flashpoint minimum 250 degees fahrenheit121 DEGREES CELSIUS

Nutrients and Non Nutrient Components Per 100g

Fatty Acid Components of Rapeseed Oil

Saturated Fat 6.6g

Monounsaturated Fat (Omega 9) 59.3g

Ployunsaturated Fat (Omega 3 & 6) 29.3.g (9.6g & 19.7g)

Non Fatty Acid Components of Rapeseed Oil

Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol) 17.5mg

Tocopherol Gama 27.4mg

Tocopherol Delta 0.99mg

Vitamin K 71.3ug


Stigmasterol 3mg

Campesterol 241mg

Beta-Sitosterol 413mg

Place of delivery: China

Documentation: All necessary documents and export license.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: irrevocable, revolving, confirmed, non-transferable, free of expenses and commissions, letter of credit (LC) for the payment of this contract. The buyer confirms the payment under this contract is mandatorily CIF 100% LC at sight.

If accepted, please let us have your official offer with all product documents if it possible on Spanish and English draft of an agreement so that we may proceed accordingly.

Yours sincerely,

Director: Kestutis Untanas

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