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Xcom Rules Pdf

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You can host a custom public or private game by choosing your own rules and options. You can also join a custom game hosted online by other players. Avengers Defense Missions: The Avenger has been attacked by ADVENT forces and is scheduled to land for repairs. Defend the Avenger until the repair is complete. Please send a screenshot and the browser you are using to Enrollment Marketing and Communications and we will work to resolve the issue. Your help is greatly appreciated! Specialists use the Gremlin drone to support their team on site. The Battle Medic specialization focuses on abilities that heal allies or grant them bonuses. The Combat Hacker specialization focuses on skills that increase the specialist`s ability to penetrate and attack enemy systems. If you select a fast game, the game will automatically search for the next public game available without a leaderboard. The sniper is an expert in sniper rifles and pistols. Specialization in snipers focuses on long-range attack capabilities.

The Gunslinger specialization focuses on skills that enhance pistol sniper skills. This shows the weapon used by the currently selected soldier and his remaining ammunition. Bridge: Go to the Geoscape, search for ADVENT activity, and expand resistance. NOTE: A yellow shield symbol indicates that an enemy is flanking the soldier directly towards the shield. A red shield icon indicates that the unit will be flanked as it moves to this location. The flanked units are exposed and particularly vulnerable to attacks by the flanking enemy. Grenadiers like to hit hard with big, heavy weapons and things that are booming. The Expert Demolition specialization focuses on skills that improve the effectiveness of explosive weapons, including the grenadier`s grenade launcher.

The “Heavy Rifleman” specialization focuses on abilities that increase the effectiveness of the grenadier`s armor and cannon. Each soldier has two “action points” that they can use on each turn. These are represented by chevrons on the unit`s flag and can be used to move, attack or use an ability. When you select a soldier, a blue outline indicates the area they can move by emitting a single action element, while a yellow outline indicates the area they can move by pulling out two action items on the dashes. Interact: This action is used to open or close doors, place explosives or for any action that requires interaction with the environment. Ranked matches count towards your place in the XCOM 2 leaderboards, accessible via the multiplayer menu. Priority Missions: Disrupt ADVENT`s mysterious avatar project. The Geoscape is accessible from the Avenger Bridge and is where you monitor XCOM`s operations. You can search for hostile alien actions, contact resistance cells, search for valuable resources, and move the Avenger. To monitor ADVENT activity and delay, click the scan icon next to the current location of the Avenger.

Loot: When defeated, enemies sometimes drop loot containing resources and equipment. When the loot is released, it appears on the map with a ray marker and a turn timer. Move a soldier inside the perimeter marker before the stopwatch expires to collect loot. The loot can be destroyed if the enemy is killed with an explosive. Any loot that remains on the map after completing the mission is automatically recovered. Technology: Here you can build new items, weapons, armor and facilities. You can also view your current inventory and a list of your engineers. At the beginning of most missions, your squad is in “hiding”, which means that the enemy is not aware of its presence. The veil is represented by a blue overlay visible in the corners of the screen and a symbol of a hooded figure visible at the top of the screen and on the flags of your soldier units. Camouflage is interrupted when you shoot a weapon, move in an enemy`s line of sight (represented by tiles with a red eye icon), or make too much noise. Use obfuscation to set up ambushes and attack the enemy on your terms. A huge mobile base liberated from Advent, the Avenger is what XCOM calls home.

You start with just a few basic facilities: most of the Avenger`s rooms are filled with alien debris. If new installations are needed, you can hire engineers to free up these spaces and get valuable resources in the process. Retaliatory Missions: Prevent ADVENT from eliminating Resistance outposts and save as many people as possible. Please contact Enrollment Marketing and Communications and provide us with the address of the page and we will resolve the issue. Your help is greatly appreciated! XCOM is scattered, but not defeated. He operates in the shadows, disrupts ADVENT and coordinates the efforts of the resistance. The Avenger, a converted alien transport ship, serves as the mobile headquarters. These buttons can be used to complete your turn, switch between squad members, rotate the camera, or call a Skyranger for evacuation. Transport Unit: This action is used to pick up a dead or wounded soldier. If you manage to bring a dead soldier to an evacuation point, retrieve all the items and equipment he was carrying. When you hand over a wounded soldier, you prevent him from bleeding. You can use the movement of waypoints to determine the exact path of a soldier.

To do this, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting Thumbnails. This way, you avoid moving through hazards or tiles that would break the hood. Rumors of resistance: Investigate rumors in hopes of uncovering valuable resources and information. Your squad will not be used for these missions: instead, the missions will be completed after a certain amount of time. The “strategy layer” in XCOM 2 refers to the actions you perform between missions. This includes choosing your next mission and expanding Avenger, XCOM`s mobile headquarters. Armory: View and manage your soldiers: give them promotions, customize their names and appearance, recruit new soldiers, change equipment, and apply weapon upgrades. This indicates all the actions available to the selected soldier.

To find out what effect would be of performing an action, click once on the action icon. Actions that cannot be performed are grayed out. A number can be displayed indicating the number of turns before the action can be reused. The red, yellow, and gray icons above the action icons indicate the number of enemies in the soldier`s line of sight. Dark Events: ADVENT is working on its own plans to topple the resistance; Once completed, they offer bonuses to the enemy. Dark events inform you of ADVENT`s progress towards achieving its goals. You can thwart their progress by selecting specific missions from Guerrilla Ops. Firearm: The soldier attacks his target. Highlighting a target shows the soldier`s chances of landing a successful shot, the expected damage, and the chances of scoring a critical hit.

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