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Грецька компанія зацікавлена у пошуку організації з України з якою вона могла б податись на конкурс Smartt for all
Пн, 26 Вересня 2022, 12:34

Контактна особа в Україні

Олег Рубель rubeloleg@gmail.com

Контактна особа з Греції

Dr. Despina Elisabeth Filippidou

(Ph.D, M.Sc., PM2, DPO, ISO Certified Internal Auditor: 9001, 27001)

ICT Products Programme Officer & Corporate DPO

P: Kountouriotou 3 | Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece
Τ: +30 (2310) 500181 | F: +30 (2310) 551844

Μ:+30 (6945) 585560 | Skype: desy.lisa.filippidis

Τ: +30 (2310) 500181 | Ext: 1004 | F: +30 (2310) 551844
Ε:  elizabeth@dotsoft.gr W: http://www.dotsoft.gr

Опис конкурсу

The project proposal is focused in this call 3rd Open Call for Focused Technology Transfer Experiments – SMART4ALL (smart4all-project.eu)

We need an SME to be the Industrial receiver of the technology we will provide, in the fields of:

  • Digitized transport
  • Digitized anything

As in page 6 here: GfA.pdf (smart4all-project.eu)

Драфт пропозиції від греків, вони готові подати дві пропозиції одна у сфері медицини,

а друга у сфері культури, цифрової спадщини, медіа і т.п.

Please note, that best scenario is to find two (x2) organisations.

One in health monitoring (clinic, hospital or IT company for mHealth) and another related with digital heritage or culture (museum, media, or again IT company).

For the digital health app, we have done the mobile application for cancer patients. However it can be adjusted for any type of chronic disease, ex. Heart, diabetis, obesity, etc. You can check the full project here, https://www.bd4qol.eu/wps/portal/site/big-data-for-quality-of-life whereas the mobile app can be demonstrated here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90YmWxtytn0&t=26s



We have another case for diagnosing adhd (distraction disorder) in kids is this project https://smartspeech.eu/en – check the video here SMARTSPEECH English – YouTube

In the field of AR / Tourism, digital culture, you can check links here https://culture.dotsoft.gr/ you can have an idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFYHqrRRjVA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bbjutm9s9pQ and here The project proposal is focused in this call 3rd Open Call for Focused

Загальний опис кола

Technology Transfer Experiments – SMART4ALL (smart4all-project.eu)

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