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XIX Interregional Universal Exhibition-Fair

17 – 20 August 2016


  • Clothing for newborns;
  • clothing and footwear for children;
  • clothes and shoes for young people;
  • school uniform;
  • kontselyarskie products;
  • books, textbooks;
  • educational games;
  • toys;
  • strollers and bicycle;
  • cosmetics and perfumes for children.
Exhibition of art works – 2016

XX exhibition of works of art

7 – 17 July 2016


  • painting;
  • graphics;
  • sculpture;
  • Arts and crafts.

VI Interregional Universal Exhibition-Fair

22 – 25 June 2016


  • seasonal clothing;
  • footwear;
  • leather goods;
  • products for the summer holidays;
  • hats;
  • knitwear;
  • lingerie, corsetry products;
  • cosmetics, perfumes;
  • imitation jewelry.

15 – 17 June 2016

With the support of Vinnytsia City Council


  • meat products, sausages;
  • fish products;
  • dairy products, cheese;
  • baked goods;
  • mineral water and soft drinks;
  • convenience foods, frozen foods;
  • canned food.

9 – 11 June 2016


  • soaps and cosmetics hand made;
  • jewelry with bead, natural stone and clay;
  • various souvenirs and other things unykalni;
  • Master classes for adults and children.
СТИЛЬ. ЛЕТО – 2016

1 – 4 июня 2016 года


  • сезонная одежда,
  • обувь,
  • кожгалантерея,
  • товары для летнего отдыха,
  • головные уборы,
  • трикотажные изделия,
  • белье, корсетные изделия,
  • косметика, парфюмерия,
  • бижутерия
The government on Wednesday will decide on the introduction of a single customs windows and overcoming the so-called Mafia nut

Government at a meeting on Wednesday decided to introduce a single customs windows and overcoming the so-called Mafia throat that will ensure transparency of Ukrainian customs. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, opening the Government sitting on Wednesday, 25 May.

“There is the establishment of a single customs window. This will mean that we completely systematize customs procedures, no one will be abused 50 times to check the same export”, – said Vladimir Groisman, commenting on the meeting agenda.

The Government made a decision that will put an end to the so-called Mafia nutty, limiting the period for inspecting the vehicle with nuts aimed for export, said the Prime Minister. “The solution that we approve today, will regulate this check – four hours. Four hours – checked if did not have time – goodbye, acquiescence, transport has to go to customs,” – he said.
In addition, from August 1 will introduce a special procedure care goods at customs to be given according to the risk management system, said Vladimir Groisman. According to him, from August clearance will take place in the photo and video fixation and several customs that minimizes risks.

Also, the Government planned technical upgrading and modernization of customs, including the installation of scanners and update personnel will “introduce new approaches to customs control, – said Vladimir Groisman.

“It will give us tens of billions of the state budget and give an opportunity to develop competitive domestic manufacturer. This is one of our priorities. Then all that will earn economics, will be directed to developing countries and ensure effective social policy. This is our problem with you, “- he said.

The Prime Minister said that the Government has set the State Service of Ukraine fiscal task to bring order to the Ukrainian customs, “in order to commodities that pass the border in Ukraine and Ukraine, were completely qualitatively all procedures and all customs fees that are required by paid to the state budget. this budget sector salaries, pensions, rather, cover the deficit of the Pension fund, a lot of other areas that allow us to develop the infrastructure to become volatile state. “

Vladimir Groisman said that today’s Ukrainian customs there is large-scale corruption and ineffective system of control the passage of goods, bringing losses to national economy and destroys the possibility of domestic producers, and most importantly – any smuggled goods that enter the market of Ukraine, destroying the possibility of domestic producers, job creation and further establishes us as a country with resource economy, which is unacceptable, “- he stressed.

“It is important that light import-export passed in and out of Ukraine without any obstacles and smugglers or changed country of residence or his family occupation. It is essential,” – said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister noted that Ukrainian customs reform will contribute to the development of the national economy, which is a challenge and a priority of the Government, “We need to build a strong economy and a strong build effective social policy. All the needs that exist in other areas of life, ranging from defense and ending with issues of culture depend on how to develop the national economy “, – he said.

A diagnostic audit of the company LLC “Hlikohim” under the “European System of CERTUA”


A powerful enterprise-manufacturer glycerol distilled from quality indicators for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries Ltd. “Hlikohim” started, which is a part of the “European System of CERTUA”, on the implementation of quality management systems and food safety in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000: 2005, based on HACCP principles.

A diagnostic audit of the company and report prepared by experts methodological center for the development of management systems Vinnitsa Chamber Piharovoyu LA and Khomutovsky IV

Ltd. “Hlikohim” has manufacturing facilities in the city. Kalynivka, Vinnytsia region. Production of glycerol was commissioned in 1996. And successfully developed in recent years. During the 2013-2015 biennium. Modernized production installation equipment from leading European companies.

Ltd. “Hlikohim” has a long and strong relationship with a Polish company, as part of business arrangements repeatedly visited Poland Polish colleagues and took them in their future and intend to maintain business and friendly relations with Polish companies.

​ ​

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The company Arctic Trading and Construction Co offers cooperation

Qatar company Arcitic Trading and Constructing Co drawn on assistance in establishing contacts with potential partners in Ukraine, manufacturers and exporters of charcoal.

Invitation to the key events of the fashion market

Company Agencja Promocji Eksportu offers to take part in the key events of the fashion market in the Czech Republic and Poland – International Fair STYL Fashion Fair and Fashion cognition. International Fair STYL Fashion Dates: 27-29 August 2016 Location: Czech Republic, Brno Poznan Fashion Exhibition Dates: 29-31 August 2016 Location: Poland, Poznań Trade shows in Brno and Poznan – this is the best opportunity to introduce your company and its products to meet the market and find new partners in Central Europe, especially in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Trade shows are still mainly intended B2B-visitors. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the additional information:

  1. Presentation of the company APE

  2. Presentation of the International Fashion Fairs Brno

  3. Presentation of the Fashion Fairs Poznan

For participation in the exhibition, please contact by mail: or by phone +48 601 402 823.

Certification of the food industry: organizational and legal aspects

May 20, 2016 in the Ukraine Chamber of Commerce with support Bureau Veritas Certification and the law firm “Sofiya” held a conference on “Certification of the food industry: organizational and legal aspects”. The need for this measure due to mandatory compliance with HACCP standards in the food industry as early as 2016.     The main issues of the conference:

  • Scheme certification of food safety management. Requirements for industry trends. The requirements of ISO 22000.
  • The principles of HACCP. Codex Alimentarius. Practical issues.
  • Requirements for monitoring indicators of food safety.
  • Certification of organic products and environmental certification of food products.
  • The responsibility for the production and sale of products that do not meet the requirements of quality and safety for the legislation of Ukraine and the EU, how to prepare producers.
  • The Association Agreement Ukraine – EU: new challenges for producers. Export products: legal requirements.
  • Legal aspects of certification, standardization, quality control and product safety;
  • The responsibility of producers under the laws of Ukraine and the EU.

  With vmistovnoyu and interesting information on the conference were:   – Ivan Sokolov – Head of Bureau Veritas Ukraine; – Ostapyuk Maria – Head of legal harmonization with international requirements and risk assessment SSRILDVSE; – Nicholas Frost – Director of Food Agriculture Ministry; – Polivodskyy Alexander – Partner Law Firm “Sofiya”; – Svetlana Berezina – Executive Director of environmental management and sustainable environmental management, deputy chairman of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 82 “Environmental Protection”; – Koshparmak Anastasia – Lawyer Law Firm “Sofiya”; – Dmitry Nawrocki – partner Law Firm “Sofiya”.   The conference was attended by experts and received a certificate methodological center for the development of management systems Vinnitsa Chamber:   – Piharva Lyudmila – Head of methodological development of management systems; – Khomutovsky Irina – manager methodical development of management systems; – Yashchuk Marina – Manager methodical development of management systems.

ACTION “Ask the Premier”

May 27, 2016 at the initiative of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman meet with Ukrainian business community. The meeting will continue the dialogue of entrepreneurs and government in the Second National Forum to support exports, which took place at the UCCI Ukraine in late April. In order to organize the most efficient and effective business meeting with Prime Minister of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine has started action “Ask the Premier”.

“For us it is important that every entrepreneur was able to announce the first persons of the state proposals and questions and receive detailed answers. That is why we launched the campaign “Ask the Prime Minister”, in which we offer the business community Ukraine submit their questions to the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine. They will be transferred in advance to the Prime Minister, Vladimir Groisman will personally answer them directly during the meeting on May 27, “- says First Vice-President of CCI Ukraine Mikhail Nepran.

Send questions can premiere 18.00 May 25, 2016 to the email address For answers to questions be sure to add contact information. After meeting all the answers will be published on the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

Monitoring of Ukrainian and world media

During the online meeting April 5, 2016 an agreement was reached, according to which, formed Newsletter (monitoring of Ukrainian and world media) parliamentary group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine inter-parliamentary relations with China. For the support of the deputy group of parliament created Expertise group composed of included employee CCI Ukraine.

58th International Engineering Fair “MSV’2016”

On behalf of JSC “Trade Fairs Brno” to inform you that from 03 to October 7, 2016 in Brno, the Czech Republic will be leading industrial exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe. The 58th International Engineering Fair “MSV’2016” with an annual participation of more than 1500 exhibitors and 75 000 visitors from 59 countries. Main sections:

  • Machinery for mining, metallurgy, casting, ceramics and glass industries;
  • Materials and components for mechanical engineering;
  • Drives hydraulic and pneumatic systems, cooling technology and air-conditioning;
  • Power and precision electrical;
  • Electronics, automation and measuring technology;
  • Environmental technology;
  • Research, development, technology transfer, financial and other services;
  • Offer industrial facilities, real estate and localities, regional development;
  • Transportation, handling, industrial packing, warehousing and logistics.

  Within the framework of the 58th International Engineering Fair “MSV’2016” exhibition will be held the following events:   1) The 10th International Exhibition of machines “IMT’2016”, which is one of the leading exhibitions in Central and Eastern Europe.   Main sections:

  • Machine tools;
  • Moulding machines;
  • Machines for unconventional and special machining and forming technologies;
  • Quality control and processing forming sector;
  • Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS);
  • Precision tools;
  • Accessories for metal working and forming;
  • Maintenance and repair of machines for metalworking and forming;
  • Hand tools;
  • Non-mechanized tools with manual control;
  • Institutions, literature and services in metal-working and forming sector;
  • Metal working and forming machines, hand tools-other.

  2) The 16th International Exhibition of Foundry Production “Fond-EX’2016” – is today the third largest trade fair for the foundry industry in the world and certainly the most important in Central Europe. “Fond-EX’2016 – a meeting place for representatives of the foundry industry, where they can see the new machines, equipment, as well as to get acquainted with new progressive technologies and materials.   Main sections:

  • Raw materials for the foundry industry;
  • The equipment for foundries;
  • Refractory materials;
  • Technical gases for the foundry industry;
  • Forming;
  • Materials for molding and core mixtures;
  • Equipment for the processing of sand and core mixtures;
  • Equipment molding and the main shops;
  • Foundry melting and furnace;
  • Foundry machines and equipment and accessories;
  • Equipment and tools for casting ejection from the molds;
  • Equipment and accessories for finishing rough castings;
  • Equipment and materials for welding, cutting and repairing of castings;
  • Equipment and materials for machining castings;
  • Air conditioners for foundries;
  • Transport and storage equipment for the foundry industry;
  • Robots, operators, handling equipment and accessories for the foundry industry;
  • Control and regulation for the foundry industry;
  • Measuring and testing technology for the foundry industry;
  • Computer equipment, control, calculation, simulation;
  • Environmental protection and waste management in the foundry industry;
  • Foundry;
  • Research, services, institutions, literature for the foundry industry.

  3) 23th International Exhibition of welding equipment “WELDING’2016” – will be presented to industry leaders who will present technological innovation and comprehensive services for customers.   Main sections:

  • Machinery and equipment, flame welding, surfacing and cutting oxygen;
  • Machinery and equipment for welding, welding and arc cutting;
  • Machinery and equipment for thermal spraying;
  • Machinery and equipment for pressure welding (friction, diffusion, cold ultrasonic welding);
  • Machinery and equipment for other methods of welding, cutting, soldering;
  • Additional and auxiliary materials;
  • Robotic manipulators and accessories for welding technologies;
  • Other elements, machines and supplies for welding;
  • Machines for gluing of metals;
  • Welded constructions;
  • Research work, services, Welding Institute, cutting, soldering and metal bonding.

  4) AUTOMATION 2016 – measurement, control, automation and regulation technology.   Industrial automation is the main theme of the MSV, presenting measuring, control, automation and control equipment, including in all sectors of the exhibition. Electronics, automation and measuring technology is the third largest specialized MSV section after the technology of mechanical engineering and materials as well as components in mechanical engineering.   5) The 5th International Plastics, Rubber and Composites “PLASTEX’2016”. This exhibition is held in Brno VC in even-numbered years. In 2014, the exhibition was attended by 196 companies from 21 countries and nearly half the exhibitors presented machinery and equipment for plastics and rubber.   Main sections:

  • Polymers – raw materials and auxiliaries;
  • Machinery and equipment for processing of plastics and rubber;
  • Composites;
  • Semi-finished and finished products made of plastic;
  • Semi-finished and finished products based on rubber;
  • Machinery and equipment for the processing and use of plastic and rubber waste;
  • Computer equipment, testing and measuring technologies for plastics and rubbers
  • Research and development services and institutions in plastics and rubbers sector
  • Chemicals for mechanical engineering.

  6) The 6th International Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies “PROFINTECH’2016”. Most of the exhibitors are regular suppliers of equipment for surface cleaning and treatment, followed by the company, representing equipment for painting, enamelling and applying plastic coatings.   Main sections:

  • Equipment for cleaning and surface treatment;
  • Electrical equipment;
  • varnishing systems, enamelling, plastic coatings;
  • Equipment for the chemical and thermal processing of metals;
  • Laser technology and plasma coating;
  • Equipment for thermal spraying;
  • System special surface treatment;
  • environmental protection systems for surface treatment technologies;
  • Computer equipment, measuring and testing devices for surface treatment;
  • Research work, services and institutions in surface treatment sector.

  We invite you to participate in the exhibition of these events in order to present possibilities of Ukrainian companies, the search of markets, expansion and establishing new business contacts.   More detailed information can be found at our official representative of the company “EXPOSERVICE INTERNESHL”. Kiev, 03680, Ukraine, Victory Avenue, 40 B. Tel./Fax: (+38044) 494 25 23, Tel: +38 (050) 444 63 63 e-mail:,

Projects by province of Aswan and Beni Suef

Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt sent a document prepared by the Egyptian General management of investment projects available Egyptian province of Aswan and Beni Suef.

The list of sectors specific projects:

  1. The plant phosphate fertilizers.
  2. Plant marble and granite.
  3. Brickwork.
  4. Factory maintenance and drainage Waters.
  5. Factory flat glass.
  6. Plant production and glass production.
  7. Plant for the production and assembly of cars.
  8. Production of silicon carbide.
  9. Recycling of solid and liquid waste.
  10. Production of sanitary products.
  11. Cement – brick factory.
  12. Factory plastic.
  13. Pottery Factory.

Proposal for Aswan province

Proposal for Beni Suef province

The company “El Mahgoub for Import & Export” offers cooperation

Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt represents the company “El Mahgoub for Import & Export”, which is a major reputable suppliers of a wide range of high-quality Egyptian products, with 30 years of experience in exporting Egyptian aromatic and medicinal herbs and plants.

The company is certified ISO- 9001: 2000, ISO- 9001: 2008 since 2007.

“El Mahgoub for Import & Export” is interested in exporting Egyptian herbs, spices and seeds to this letter included a list of products with all details.

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