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Barcoding is an internationally accepted means of labeling. A barcode uniquely identifies the product and the manufacturer or distributor. The presence of a barcode on the product allows you to automate accounting, cash management services and is necessary for automation of transportation and sales processes.If the goods are marked with a barcode, its competitiveness increases significantly.

A barcode is a combination of vertical strips and numbers (the location of which is regulated by certain rules), which represents a particular product in the coded form. The code allows you to read information about a product quickly and accurately using an electronic device, a scanner. The global system of commodity numbering GS1 is an integrated system of world standards provides accurate identification of goods, services and trade partners, as well as information communications on them.

The GS1 system is the common world language of trade relations in any industry and in any country.

GS1 coordinates the whole work of the world commodity numbering and it is responsible for the numbers identification uniqueness. GS1 Ukraine is a member of GS1 and it is the official representative in Ukraine.

Barcoding Department of Vinnytsia CCI serves as a GS1 Ukraine representative in the territory of Vinnytsia region in accordance with the Trust Representative Office Agreement No. 01/2005 of December 26, 2005.


  1. Providing information on the appointment of the GS1 world numbering system, GS1, GS1 Ukraine, their goals and objectives, authority, structure, membership conditions.
  2. Consultations, references and methodological recommendations on barcoding and the application of the worldwide GS1 commodity numbering system.
  3. Assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents on the registration of economic entities in GS1 Ukraine, the conclusion on behalf of the association of the relevant treaties and additional agreements for membership in GS1 Ukraine and participation in the GS1 worldwide commodity numbering system.
  4. Assistance in processing applications for assigning GS1 identification numbers to the goods, reviewing these applications and assisting in obtaining certificates for assigning GS1 identification numbers.
  5. Introduction of business entities and information about goods into an electronic data bank.
  6. Help in choosing the standard sizes placed barcodes and advice on their printing.
  7. Manufacturing of master files (computer images of barcodes) in full compliance with state standards of Ukraine.
  8. Quality control of printing bar-coded characters (verification).
  9. Consultations on the practical application of bar codes and the choice of technical means for their application and reading.
  10. Supervising the identification number proper usage by the members of the GS1 Ukraine, marking goods and other accounting objects with barcodes in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the state standards of Ukraine and GS1 Ukraine association specifications.


The service is provided by the Barcoding Department.
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