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EU and Canada to help Ukrainian businessmen and experts money
Thu, 31 March 2016, 12:14

The fact that the Ukrainian state business at best simply will not interfere, for a long time it is no secret. Is that for the most inveterate optimists who simply do not notice the obvious. Pessimists call while not spending extra forces and go right to the bottom. For still there sooner or later find ourselves. Only realists understand: If you close one door – you knock on others. Moreover, the doors themselves well prepared to reveal.

These “doors” are, in particular, programs to support small and medium enterprises implementing individual states and international organizations. Especially important for Ukrainian businessmen are the ones that promote the release of domestic business to foreign and international markets.

Magnificent Four

Four such programs will be presented during the seminar “Financial and technical support to businesses from the EU and Canada,” which will be held in Vinnitsa on March 28 on the initiative of the Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce and «Euroconsulting.”

– Entrepreneurs learn about the program “Women Senior Experts (SES)”, “Supporting the development and efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises (trade-off),” Canadian-Ukrainian project to support trade and investment (CUTIS), as well as the direction Framework Programme of the EU research and innovation “Horizon 2020”, dedicated to supporting agri-food sector and agriculture.

They offer practical benefits for small and medium business development both in companies and in finding foreign partners – said the Head of Foreign Economic Relations and translations Vinnitsa Chamber Igor Shevchenko.

– For Ukrainian business is very important is the emergence of new programs within which may receive financial and technical assistance, – the director of “Yevrokosaltynh” Sergei Desyak. – The first – is the ability to finance investment projects or individual activities of the company. The second involves providing expert assistance to enterprises in addressing enterprise development by bringing to his team of foreign experts.


One such program is the program of the German Senior Expert Service (SES), which will present the workshop coordinator office coordinator at the European Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Martin Reuter.

Similar programs implementing various EU countries. They are all united by one purpose: to enable experts who retired to share their valuable experience abroad – he said. – German peculiarity of the program is a great base experts – more than 10,000 in various fields – and sold about 40 000 projects for 30 years.

Another “highlight» SES – that the majority of expenses under the program covering the German side.

The customer receives a highly west consultant on a voluntary basis, that is virtually free. This cooperation often continues after the project, and an expert is “their” man of the client company in Germany – says Martin Reuter.
In this way, Ukraine has implemented more than 400 projects, which were customers not only business, but also educational, medical and social field.

Canada fills a vacuum

Canadian-Ukrainian project to support trade and investment (CUTIS), which is also present participants of the seminar, funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by the Conference Board of Canada in partnership with the Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

Its main objective – reducing poverty in Ukraine due to increased exports to Canada and Canadian investments in Ukraine. Purchaser assistance (in the form of training, support for participation in exhibitions and events in Canada, help with finding partners and negotiating, etc.) will be selected based on strict criteria of small and medium enterprises Ukraine – says the executive director of the Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Emma Turos .

According to her, among the problems to be addressed by the project – support of Ukraine’s exports to Canada Canadian clarify regulatory policy and practices used, and support implementation of the agreement on free trade zone between Ukraine and Canada.

There is an information vacuum in trade with Canada and request for information society that will grow with the signing of the FTA. Many developments of the project will become public domain. Working with specific business filled with practical content available information and provide a positive signal to businessmen of both countries – said Emma Turos.

Farmers – “our all”

Another program, which acquainted the participants – “Horizon 2020”, more precisely, its section, aimed at increasing the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry, agri-food and biological sectors. The next deadline for applications to participate in the third sub expires May, stressed Sergei Desyak.

Participation in the program will finance the project organization based on new technologies to ensure the supply of safe, healthy and quality food and other biological products. Particular attention is paid to promoting innovation in integrated pest management, increase resource efficiency and environmental performance in the production and processing of food products, creating added value from waste and by-products of others. Vinnytsia region is a leader in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. So the region’s economy depends largely on the efficiency of agricultural enterprises and companies involved in processing agricultural products, – the director of “Euroconsulting.”

Read more about the seminar “Financial and technical support to businesses from the EU and Canada” and the conditions of participation in it you can see by the numbers:

(0432) 50-91-30, (066) 702-22-05 (Nadia Savchuk)

(0432) 52-03-54, (050) 335-96-19 (Victor Dyadkovych).

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