Vinnytsia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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VI Interregional Universal Exhibition-Fair
27 – 29 April 2016


Production of food and processing industry:

  • meat products, sausages;
  • dairy products, cheese;
  • fish products;
  • baked goods;
  • Mineral water, soft drinks and juices;
  • coffee tea;
  • confectionery;
  • grocery;
  • canned products;
  • frozen food.

Production of other industries:

  • Easter souvenirs and gifts;
  • clothing, footwear, knitwear;
  • more.

XV Interregional Universal Exhibition-Fair
20 – 23 April 2016


  • author’s collection;
  • accessories and jewelry;
  • knitwear;
  • povsedenennyy clothing;
  • lingerie, corsetry products;
  • footwear;
  • stockings, socks.
Budmarket – 2016

XIX Inter-regional specialized exhibition
13 – 15 April 2016


Design, construction:

  • services for the design, construction, renovation and construction of housing and territory;
  • landscaping;
  • construction machinery.

Construction and decoration materials:

  • concrete and concrete products;
  • dry mixes;
  • Artificial and natural stone;
  • carpentry;
  • metal products;
  • Ceramic tile;
  • decorative materials;
  • ceramics and sanitary;
  • paint materials.

Roofing. Insulation:

  • kpokrivelni materials;
  • tiling
  • insulation materials

Windows. Door. Goal:

  • windows and doors;
  • blinds, stained glass windows, glass;
  • locks and fittings;
  • tool;
  • garage and industrial gates.


  • Camino, ladder;
  • art forging, mirrors;
  • saunas, pools.
Training program «Kaizen Lean Six Sigma Basics. Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification»

April 29, 2016

Training program «Kaizen Lean Six Sigma Basics. Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification»

The participation fee per person is 1500 USD. VAT or 990 USD. VAT on condition of participation of 4 people from the organization. For members of CCI discount 20%.


Workshop “State practice application and prospects of food safety management systems”

Workshop “State practice application and prospects of food safety management systems”

The participation fee per person is 2500 USD. VAT or 900 USD. VAT provided participation of 5 individuals with the organization.

For all those who registered before April 15, a discount of 40%, the cost of participation of all 1500 UAH. VAT per person.


Workshop “Practice of international tax planning, tax optimization and protection business. Review of recent developments in Ukraine and the world”

Workshop “Practice of international tax planning, tax optimization and protection business. Review of recent developments in Ukraine and the world”

The participation fee per person is 1390 USD. VAT or 780 USD. VAT provided participate 2 people from the company.

For members of CCI discount 30%.


April 12, 2016 in Vinnitsa held a conference Visegrad 4 Ukraine

April 12, 2016 in Vinnitsa (hotel “France”) held a conference Visegrad 4 Ukraine: development of small and medium-sized businesses – “Visegrad experience for the Ukrainian government and business.”

“Visegrad Four” is willing to transfer its experience to the Ukrainian government and business. After V4 countries evolved in similar conditions with Ukraine, but have successfully reform and now have a stable economy and political situation.

Organizers of the event were the Ministry of Foreign Economy and Foreign Affairs of Hungary, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, the Polish Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The event was personable and informative.

With introductory speeches:

– Istvan Mikołów, State Secretary for Security Policy and International Cooperation Hungary;
– Yaroslav Ludva, Associate Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic;
– Lucas Paryzek, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic;
– Julia Klimenko, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
– Alexander Danyleyko, Head of Economic Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
– Valery Cow, head of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration;
– Anatoly Oliynyk, head of the Vinnytsia Regional Council;
– Sergey Morgunov, Vinnitsa mayor and others.


The conference was also attended by entrepreneurs and B4 of Vinnytsia. They talked all day about the development of SMEs, discussing issues that interest and shared experience.

The conference was divided into three panels:

Panel I: The role of the state in the development of small and serednho business, positive experience in regulating and financing (moderator: Oleg Ustenko, director of “Fund blazer”)

Panel II: Conditions success of small and serednho business, market-conformist support startups (Moderator: Gennady Chizhikov, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine)

Panel III: What can the Ukrainian small and medium business for its development? The question of market access and tools business cooperation (Moderator: Vyacheslav Bykovets, President of the Section SME Chamber of Ukraine).

State Secretary of Security and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Economy and Foreign Affairs of Hungary Istvan Mikołów in his speech said: “The conference aims to promote the development of small and medium businesses. I want to emphasize that Hungary and the Visegrad countries fully supported Ukraine and the path of reform, which today is your state. Today, our presence here confirms our desire to contribute to the dynamic development of Ukraine.

Today we are in the winery, and we saw that it was good and open city with an effective government. We believe that measures of decentralization in Ukraine will move further and will be a good incentive for the development of power and financial resources. ”

“Vinnitsa is a region that shows how should develop small and medium businesses, particularly agribusiness. The main idea of ​​this event – to recognize that SMEs not only exists in the country and he is a really important part of political stability, not just for today. Therefore, we must develop and provide all necessary support from the state, and most importantly not to interfere, “- said in his speech, Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade of Ukraine Yulia Klimenko.

Advantage Austria stand at the exhibition “Woodworking 2016”

May 3 – June 3, 2016 in Lviv

Advandage Austria international stand on its own “Wood” in Lviv presents catalogs of Austrian companies. Detailed information can be found at the end of April at If you are interested in this information, you can contact directly by e-mail:

The exhibition will be held 19-22 May 2015 at the Sports Palace “Ukraine” at:. Lviv, vul. Miller, 18

Hours exhibition:

19.05 – з 12.00 до 18.00
20.05 – 21.05 – з 10.00 до 18.00
22.05 – з 10.00 до 14.00

The conference “FUTURE OF BUILDING” – 2016

The focus of the specialized conference, along with innovative solutions and sustainable reconstruction issues is also problematic life cycle of high-quality buildings. The event is expected to more than 300 companies, institutions and schools construction industry worldwide.

April 18, 2016 at the conference will feature a number of highly professional reports and discussions on the latest developments and technologies in the construction of the Austrian high-rise buildings. In the afternoon, scheduled individual B2B meetings with Austrian companies. This is an ideal opportunity to find partners for new business opportunities.

On the second day of the conference April 19, 2016 for foreign guests are offered three trips to selected facilities in Vienna and its surroundings.

For more information about the event, including registration, program, appointment of B2B meetings with other participants online, etc. can be found on the website of the event.

The conference and networking exchange will take place April 18, 2016 in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna. The event is free. Those wishing to participate please register!

The company voestalpine Böhler Welding: We are looking for direct buyers

The company voestalpine Böhler Welding (previously – Böhler Welding Group) has 40 offices in 28 countries. Partly directly and partly through a network of more than 1,000 selected partner sales company serves clients in more than 150 countries. 2200 experts working for the company to offer more suitable filler materials and detailed technical consulting for customized solutions in industrial welding and soldering.

The company concentrates its main activities in three areas: Connection welding, repair welding and cladding, as well as high-temperature soldering, and suggests, therefore, most nayhruntovnishe and production portfolio, represented by three brands: Böhler Welding | UTP Maintenance | Fontargen Brazing
100% focus on welding additives

We are looking for:

– Partner with sales of our products with know-how in the field of welding
– Sales partners / representatives with contacts in the following industries: oil and gas, chemical, transport (engineering, car building, production of cranes), cement industry, steel production, railway industry
– Customers with their own welding workshops and welding equipment


Energy and Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, Environmental Technology, Building and Infrastructure, Chemicals, Metals and metal processing.

Company EST Solutions: Wanted: Direct Customers

Company EST Solutions – an innovative Austrian enterprise focused on problem solving, which offers numerous services in the information and communications sector.

Test and diagnostic systems

Company EST Solutions for:

a) telecommunications company; network operators and service offeror who would like to improve customer service and improve the quality of services.

b) Telecommunication Company (standard network) who want to update and improve test and diagnostic system.

All this and more offers diagnostic system and tools that you can get from the company EST Solutions. Company EST Solutions – is your reliable partner also in these types of services as design, installation, commissioning and service.


Information technology and communications

Company «TZ Austria» : We are looking for Sales Partners

Company «TZ Austria» – a traditional and stable family business from Austria, known worldwide as a reliable and punctual supplier of facades, cabinet parts and furniture components. Over the years the company «TZ Austria» specialized in activities in the field of technology for surface treatment and technology for laminating / pasting. The company has production in Austria and in Asia and provides a large number of customers perfectly processed products. We also offer ready parts in high gloss, made in various capacities.

Company «TZ Austria» one of the most innovative suppliers in the furniture industry. Achieved success is based on high-quality materials, modern equipment, advanced innovation and the highest quality standards in production.

Mirror-exclusive furniture and shiny surface

Innovative development and high-quality processing are to develop areas which are important for the furniture industry. We are looking for partners for sales and cooperation in your country to be able to best serve our customers on the spot. We will be glad to establish contact with you and gladly provide you with samples of our products.


Internal arrangement, creative industry, construction and infrastructure, wood and paper.

Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Plant, PJSK

Type of activity: Manufacturing (food processing)

The list of products and services:

• unrefined vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, soybean);
• Vegetable oils, refined, deodorized;
• Margarine and similar edible fats;
• Oil packed;
• Schrot (sunflower, rapeseed, soy);
• Husk sunflower compressed granulated;
• Shell soya granules;
• Industrial gases (oxygen);
• Services tolling.

Presentation of trade-economic potential of India

April 18, 2016 in the Chamber of Commerce Ukraine (m. Kyiv, vul. Velyka Zhytomyrska, 33, 4th floor conference room) the presentation of the trade and economic potential of India and prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and India with the participation of the Ambassador of India in Ukraine Manoj Kumar Bharti. Event organizers are the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and the Embassy of India in Ukraine. The most promising areas of cooperation that will be discussed during the presentation include: pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, participation in projects, tourism, information technology and energy sectors. It is also participating in the event a number of Indian companies operating in Ukraine, heads of committees of businessmen at the Chamber of Ukraine, representatives of state executive.

Presentation starts at 10:00. Registration fee for participation in the event is 360 hryvnia for businesses Member of CCI Ukraine – 300 UAH., Including VAT. The preliminary program of the event is attached. We invite you and representatives of your company to participate in that event and in the case of interest no later than April 12, 2016 sent to the Chamber Ukraine registration form and pay participation in the event by invoice to the account of CCI Ukraine number 260020128332 in Ukreximbank m. Kyiv, MFO 322313, OKPO 00016934. Questionnaires should be sent to the email address:,

In the case of one company will be several participants, please fill out questionnaires to each party separately. Inquiries by phone: (044) 272-28-07, 279-73-94, 278-18-15 (Department for International Cooperation).

The company «Capital Trade» offers export of fruits and vegetables in Ukraine

The Egyptian company “Capital Trade ” was founded in 2013 and specialized in exporting fruits and vegetables in Eastern Europe.

The company is interested in the supply of several agricultural products, mainly oranges, pomegranates, strawberries and white beans.

Offer from “Metalltorg” Ltd.

Our company is one of the leading positions on the Ukrainian market for the production of springs of different diameters. In this market, we have more than seven years. During this time, our company has reached a fairly high technological level. Our manufacturing facilities allow to produce springs made of a material with a diameter of 0.1 to 50 mm. inclusive. All production cycles are controlled by the main process parameters, which allows to achieve high quality products. On the production lines are automated, that allows to execute the order of any quantity.

We produce springs for motor vehicles, agricultural machinery, railway rolling stock, springs to jackhammers, manufacture spring wire of stainless cold-worked 18HN10T of bronze wire BRB-2.

And our company is engaged in manufacturing of gears:

– Production of spur and helical gears:

a) the largest diameter of the wheel machined to 800 mm;

b) the module 2-14 mm;

– Manufacturing Stars increments up to 38 mm;

– Manufacturing bevel gears:

a) the largest diameter of the wheel machined to 800 mm;

b) the module 2-16 mm;

– Production of worm gears:

a) the maximum diameter of 800 mm wheels;

b) the module 2-14 mm;

– Production of splined shafts.

Commercial offer

Catalog lift springs