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Donau Soja: We are looking for partners for cooperation

“Donau Soja” – the European Union to support the delivery of proteins

Union “Donau Soja” is looking for partners for growing and processing soybeans grown without the use of genetically modified technology, and for the supply of soybean meal.

In addition, the organization is looking for partners to use certified soybean Danube region in food and feed industry. Danube soy is guaranteed devoid of genetic modification, is grown in the region of the Danube, environmental and socially responsible.


Agriculture and forestry, food and drinks.

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Kapsch CarrierCom: Wanted: Direct Customers

Telematic and telecommunications E2E

Implement your network projects together with Kapsch CarrierCom, a leading manufacturer, systems integrator and supplier of telepathic communications solutions and E2E.

We offer innovative complete solutions, individually focused on each customer with a guarantee interoperatybelnosti. All our solutions meet industry standards and tested in our modern laboratories before entering the market.


New technology, information technology and communications.

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SANO Transport Geraete GmbH: Wanted: Direct Customers

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Вінницька торгово-промислова палата інформує, що компанія SANO Transportgeraete GmbH шукає прямих покупців серед українських підприємств і організацій.

Мобільні електричні підйомники для сходинок – Пристосування для транспортування вантажів та осіб

# LIFTKAR PT для транспортування осіб.

Цільова група: приватне та комерційне переміщення осіб з вадами у пересуванні та осіб, що пересуваються на інвалідних візках.

# LIFTKAR Cargo (SAL, HD) для переміщення вантажів вагою до 330 кг.

Сфери застосування: транспортування автоматів, напоїв, копіювальних апаратів та інших важких товарів.

Ви зацікавилися? Надішліть е-мейл на:


Транспорт і логістика, Техніка для охорони здоров’я та медичної галузі, Будівництво та інфраструктура, Електротехніка та електроніка, Автомобілі, Машинобудування та виробництво промислового устаткування, Нові технології.

Щоб отримати додаткову інформацію, натисніть тут.

WABCO Austria GesmbH: We are looking for importer

WABCO is a leading innovator and global supplier of technologies that improve the safety and efficiency of commercial cars.

Today all leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and trailers use technology WABCO.


Progressive solutions for fleet management trucks and related markets.

Today all leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and trailers use technology WABCO. This success has been achieved through the introduction of improvements and innovation and it is reflected in the numerous technologies that have been awarded prizes such as OptiDrive technology, which increases the efficiency of fuel use in 2016 will go into production. Current offer products to importers include programs such as Intelligent Trailer, Transics Fleet Management, auto compressors and more.


Agriculture and forestry, machinery and equipment manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation and logistics, Electrical and Electronics, Construction and Infrastructure

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Company Verpura GmbH offers services and know-how

One program – all the possibilities.

Integrated software solution that is based on the base service sloud.

Company Verpura GmbH offers software solutions for businesses that are based on the service cloud. Starting with the simplest forms and completing a broad service capabilities, we consider the exact needs of customers. Thanks to the program VERPURA we have a comprehensive solution based on cloud based service, where individual modules can also be used in other areas.

In 2009, our program has been nominated for the German Innovation Award in the category IT Cloud Computing, and in 2012 we received an award.


Information technology and communications.

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Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld GmbH – Wanted: Direct Customers

The company Schmid Schrauben – is the only manufacturer of screws in Austria, which has for more than 170 years specialized in the production of screws and components for wooden construction.


We are looking for partners for the sale of the following products:

– Screw geometry with patented own brands and RAPID® Star Drive GPR®
– Screws for construction of wooden structures in accordance with CE / ETA
– Special screws stainless, alloy and corrosion resistant steel
– Connecting screws and bolts with a cutting subsequent processing
– Galvanized screws
– Haryachopresovani connectors
– Obtochuvani parts and CNC cutting parts


Agriculture and forestry Energy and natural resources Metals and metal processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, electrical and electronics, construction and infrastructure, internal improvement, Environmental Technology, Engineering for health and medical industry, new technologies, renewable energy

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International Competition for investment projects

International competition has started investment projects aimed at supporting and promoting Ukrainian business in the EU market via Poland, and once again gives participants the opportunity to prove themselves in front of representatives of business, government and investor circles of Poland. Participation in the Contest FREE.

The competition will be held under the patronage of the Embassy of Ukraine to the Republic of Poland, supported by the Department of Trade and Investment Promotion of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and will end May 13, 2016 in Warsaw, where the IV Annual International Forum “UKRAINIAN BUSINESS DAY” will be declared winners.

25 finalists the opportunity to present their own project for government and business circles of Poland, and to 5 winners will open additional opportunities to implement their projects in Poland.

Deadline investment projects – April 24, 2016. Participation is free.


Redbloc – technologies to build on

Redbloc – an innovative technology for the production of walls and wall elements for the construction of all the massive building substances, such as bricks, sand-lime brick, pumice, foam, concrete, porous concrete and cast stone. Redbloc supplies ready “turnkey” equipment for wall elements with massive building substance.

Supplied includes: software, fully automated control system, production equipment, installation, commissioning and training.



Benefits redbloc:

– An innovative technology for the manufacture of wall
– Fully automated production
– Short curing time
– High quality and precision
– Wall elements
– Possible wall thickness of 10 to 51 cm
– Pre-prepared slopes and openings
– Possible all forms of buildings (from single-family homes to industrial buildings)

With the technology redbloc can implement any form of masonry walls, more efficiently, more quickly and accurately.

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Services and Know-How from Lubandy.Logistic.Services e.U.

Founded in 2008, the company LUBANDY LOGISTIC SERVICES identified their main objective the creation of optimal conditions during logistics planning. We see ourselves as a link in the chain of logistics planning and using their experience, we find the optimal solution – it is!


  • Logistics planning and consulting
  • We advise clients in all sectors, such as FMCG, media, cosmetic and food industries, production of spare parts industry. We offer innovative solutions in the field of RFID.
  • We are looking for customers who want to improve logistics as part of the process of production and storage.

We offer the following services:

– Choosing the right size of buildings and infrastructure;
– Planning process and technology;
– Calculation of return on invested capital;
– Search for optimal solutions in the planning of project costs and achieving efficiency;
– Suppliers for the independent system choice
– Support after the start of


Transport and logistics

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Introduction, Programming, Information – Service, Limited Liability Company “

Type of activity – sales system bus tickets.

The list of products and services – reservation and payment of tickets on the Internet.

Basis 2011, Limited Liability Company

Activity: Production and sales of plastics, polymers and other materials.

The list of products and services: Front panels made of PVC siding type TM “Alta-Siding”, TM “KANADA +”, TM “Flex”, TM “Block house” and components, manufacturing and marketing.

Park Audio II, Limited Liability Company

Activity: production of professional music equipment.

The list of products and services:

– Power amplifiers;
– Active mixer;
– Built amplifiers;
– Speakers (broadband, stage monitors, subwoofers)
– Active acoustic sets;
– Linear arrays;
– Power distribution systems.

Theos, Limited Liability Company

Activity: installation and service of heat and electricity and water supply.

List of products: gas boilers, electric and solid fuel “PROTHERM”, floor heating and snow melting system “DEVI”, panel heating “ENSA”, electric boilers “TATRAMAT”.

Business Forum in the Netherlands confirmed the interest in new opportunities for parties

Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine introduces a comprehensive aid program for Ukrainian entrepreneurs who want to work in the European market. The result will be a quantitative and qualitative increase in our exports, despite the difficult times. This was announced by the president of the Chamber of Commerce Gennady Chizhikov Ukraine during Ukrainian-Dutch Business Forum in Nutdorp (Netherlands). According to him, domestic business has special expectations from the implementation of the Agreement on a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU, which is part of the Association Agreement.

“We make a special export support centers in all regions to promote the export of domestic enterprises, – said the President of Chamber of Ukraine. – The efficiency of CCI Ukraine and quality service to our members, together with its European partners have established a European office in the Chamber. We aim to show that Ukraine has a great future and is ready to realize its enormous trade and investment potential. “

Members of the Chamber of Commerce, representatives of Ukrainian businesses have shown interest in the Dutch side to the new possibilities of cooperation. Domestic entrepreneurs consider Dutch colleagues as reliable partners in the development of mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation. As a result of cooperation will update towards the introduction of modern technologies and innovations in the Ukrainian industry, to ensure the most effective use of agricultural potential of Ukraine.

According to Gennady Chizhikov, current difficulties the country open to foreign investors is quite attractive prospects for successful implementation of investment projects, particularly in the priority areas of our country – in the development of alternative energy sources, energy conservation and energy efficiency, logistics, agro-processing and so on.

Dmitry Kuleba, Ambassador of critical MFA of Ukraine, said that the key to success Ukrainian business in the world is its proactive position, which is based must be laid well developed communication function. “The EU market is in this sense especially demanding, but the experience of a number of Ukrainian companies convinced of the correctness of truth” who knocks, open the “. Costs of communication are still unfamiliar to many national companies, but, based on the EU market must comply with its rules, including actively communicate – concludes Mr. Kuleba. – Marketing, advertising, participation in business forums and projects of social responsibility, actively seeking partners over the Internet – a tool for promotion, the cost of which eventually turn into investment gains from sales and social capital. “

As you know, soon involving Ukraine Chamber of Commerce held a number of international business forums. As part of their training Chamber of Commerce launches new format presenting information on Ukrainian business, address, etc. response.

Limited Liability Company “Terminus”

Activity: Manufacturer of wood veneer interior doors and windows of euro beam.

The list of products and services – wooden Interior veneered doors, windows with fiberglass euro beam.

Limited Liability Company “Spetsstroy”

– Conclude external channel-free heat network of pre-insulated pipes.

– Ukladayemo External water supply, sewage collectors, pipelines and traditional plastic pipes.

– Vykonuyemo Sanitary water supply, heating, sewage inside buildings.

– Vykonuyemo Punctures in diameter from 100 to 1000 mm length and 100 m/s.

– Remediation – Trenchless replacement of water pipes and reservoirs.

– Relayninh – Broaching a new pipeline to the existing road without disclosure.

– Services Vehicles, earth moving equipment, construction machinery, tools and machinery.

– Official Distribution of plastic pipe, fittings and equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

– Employment – recruit employees for installation of underground pipelines.

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