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Відбулась презентація Польсько-українського проекту “Європейська Система Розвитку CERTUA”

27 квітня 2016 року у Вінницькій торгово-промисловій палаті відбулась презентація Польсько-українського проекту під назвою Європейська Система Розвитку CERTUA та офіційне підписання угоди про співпрацю між польським Товариством Інтеграція Європа-Схід в особі директора Кшиштофа Каліти і Вінницькою торгово-промисловою палатою — в особі віце-президента Степана Липканя та партнерами проекту:

  • Вінницькою Культурно-Просвітницькою Спілкою Поляків – в особі Алли Ратинської
  • Вінницьким Товариством „Кресовяци” – в особі Юрія Войціцького
  • Українсько-Польським Центром Європейської Інформації у Хмельницькому Національному Університеті — в особі Поліщука Олега.

Проект Європейська Система Розвитку CERTUA співфінансований Сенатом Республіки Польща в рамках допомоги полякам за кордоном у 2016 році.




Метою цього проекту передбачено:

  • надання практичної та методичної допомоги підприємствам Вінницького регіону щодо впровадження систем менеджменту якості та безпечності харчових продуктів згідно з вимогами стандартів ISO серії 9000 та ISO 22000, що базується на принципах НАССР;
  • проведення спеціальних курсів та юридичного і фінансового консалтингу в сфері можливостей реалізації інвестицій і діяльності в Польщі;
  • цикл економічних місій і запрошення на виставку Targі Kielce з участю полонійних підприємств та інших бізнес-структур.

50% вартості послуг оплачується за рахунок грантових коштів, а 50% – за рахунок підприємства, яке буде приймати участь у проекті згідно договору з Вінницькою торгово-промисловою палатою.




Під час презентації та підписання угоди були присутні:

  • Віце-консул Генерального консульства Республіки Польща у Вінниці Войцех Мрозовскі.
  • керівники підприємств та організацій, які зацікавлені у впровадженні систем менеджменту якості згідно з вимогами міжнародного стандарту ISO 9001 або систем менеджменту безпечності харчових продуктів згідно з вимогами ISO 22000 (НАССР) та співпраці з польськими партнерами щодо юридичного та фінансового консалтингу в сфері можливостей реалізації діяльності в Польщі.
  • представники громадських організацій та преси.

Введення в дію проекту надасть більш широку можливість польсько-українській співпраці в сфері Європейської сертифікації та стандартизації.



Запрошуємо до участі в проекті!

За інформацією звертатись за тел.: (0432) 52-59- 57, (098) 41-70- 539.

Roundtable Vinnytsia National Bank and Chamber of Commerce

National Bank of Ukraine and Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce invite representatives of Vinnitsa business to discuss, the banking sector 12.05.2016.

The main topics for discussion will be:

– Economic trends and forecasts;

– The last decision NBU monetary policy;

– Plans for the liberalization of currency regulation;

– Recovery and purification of the banking sector.


  • Sergey Nikolaichuk, director of monetary policy NBU and economic analysis;
  • Vitaly Vavrischuk, director of financial stability of the NBU.

The meeting will be held at:. Vinnitsa, st. Cathedral, 68 conference room (second floor).

Pre-registration is required, and the link is made by phone: (0432) 520712, (0432) 525962 to 11/05/2016 inclusive.

Pre-registration is required, and the link is made by phone: (0432) 520712, (0432) 525962 to 11/05/2016 inclusive.

European standards for business


European standards for business – the winery begins Polish-Ukrainian project CERTUA

Society Integration of East Europe and Vinnytsya Chamber of Commerce invites businesses, media, NGOs and all stakeholders to participate in the official presentation of the international project entitled “European Development CERTUA”.

Project-financed from the resources of the Polish Senate as part of the task in the custody of Polonia and Poles abroad in 2016.

I should add that this is another project-financed by Poland, which the Society Integration East Europe sells on the tail together with Ukrainian partners.

The aim of this project will provide practical and methodological assistance to enterprises of Vinnytsia region on implementation of quality management and food safety in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 based on HACCP principles, legal and financial consulting, as well as an invitation Targi Kielce .

Planned activities conducted to develop the Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of European certification and standardization.

The conference and presentation will be held on April 27, 2016 at 10:00 on the 2nd floor in the conference hall Expocenter of Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce at:. Vinnitsa, st. Cathedral, 68.

In addition to presentations at the meeting scheduled domovlennostey formal signing of the cooperation with the aim of the project Ukrainian and Polish partners:

  • Society Integration-East Europe;
  • Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce;
  • Vinnitsa Cultural and Educational Union of Poles;
  • Company “Kresovyatsy”;
  • Ukrainian-Polish Center for European Integration in Khmelnytsky National University.

Media support project – Newspaper “Słowo Polskie” portal and

The term of acceptance of applications: 11.5.2016 p.

How to participate in the project?

1. Read the rules

2. Fill in the form of participation

3. The completed application form at: to 11.05.2016 p.

We invite you to participate in the project!

Sign Up


About the project




3595                          3596

The Czech Republic announced tenders for projects of international financial institutions

Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic reported that on April 2, 2016 in the Czech Republic announced tenders for projects of international financial organizations, which may participate Ukrainian companies.

Information on tender competitions

The visit of a business delegation of Ukraine to Iran

Please be informed that the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine is preparing to exit a business delegation of Ukraine to Iran from May 28 to June 2, 2016 to participate in the Ukrainian-Iranian Business Forum and the next meeting of Ukrainian-Iranian Business Council (UIDR).

CCI Ukraine together with their Iranian partners develop business program stay in line with the proposals of Ukrainian participants in export-import interests, interest in industrial cooperation, implementation of investment projects (participation form attached).

Reference areas of cooperation with Iran:

Exports agricultural products (cereals, fats and oils of animal and vegetable), mineral fuel, oil and refining products, nuclear reactors, ferrous metals and ferrous metal products, electrical machinery, means of ground transportation, mining equipment, passenger and freight cars and locomotives, salt, sulfur, stones, instruments and devices optical, photographic, aircraft, food (milk and milk products, eggs, poultry) and medbudivnytstvo, electrification of railways, aircraft, cooperation in the medical field and education.

Import of edible fruits and nuts, pharmaceuticals, processed vegetables, ores, slag, ash, glass and glass products, plastics, polymeric materials.

Flights scheduled flight airline “UIA” the route Kyiv-Tehran-Kyiv, accommodation in 4 * hotel (single rooms).

CCI provides Ukraine participate in the Ukrainian-Iranian business forum and visiting exhibitions InterAgro Ukrainian pavilion, visits to ministries and enterprises, individual negotiations with potential partners and interpreting services, transfers, transport services, insurance, visas.

The cost of travel and participation in the business program is US $ 1,910 (if single occupancy) and US $ 1,495 (double occupancy). Funds transferred hryvnia rate by MVB. Additionally, high-value business visa EUR 65 (cash).

In connection with the end of May this year in. Tehran global scale events and acute shortage of available rooms in hotels, ask in case of interest as soon as possible to confirm participation in the said event and send an e-mail registration form (Ukrainian and English in format Word), a copy of the first pages of foreign and domestic passport, certificate of registration of the taxpayer value added tax and enterprise code and ID code’s mission to emails CCI Ukraine –,

Original documents to process Iranian visa, which should be transferred to Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, Department of International Cooperation at ul. Zhytomyrska, 33, k. 313 no later than 11 May p.r .:

Valid passport valid for at least 6 months. the date of return from Iran and its electronic version of the first page

  • application form, completed only in English and signed in duplicate;
  • electronic version of the first pages of internal passport;
  • 2 color photos 4×6 cm. Without angles without glasses;
  • certificate of employment indicating the positions, seniority, base salary, job retention period on a business trip – the original form in Ukrainian with seal;
  • 65 euros in cash – the cost of business visa.

This letter is the basis for settling. Daily trips for the participants received the workplace according to established rules.

The program of the delegation will be sent after approval by the parties.

For advice and information please call:

Tsaritsyn Yuri Y., +38 (044) 272 2807, +38 067 239 5661,;
Matsiyevska Elena, +38 (044) 279 7394,;
Grushetsky Alexey, +38 (044) 537 2347.

Sample a visa can be obtained at the Embassy of IRI:

VTN, Limited Liability Company

The list of products and services: LED lighting series A3 and A66 6 sizes 600x300mm and 600x600mm respectively; voltage regulators, rectifiers, limiting blocks Rectifier blocks, switches, plugs, economizer control units, throttle position sensors flaps.

MAK, Limited Liability Company

List of products: bearings, bushings, metal products, bags, LEDs pumps.

Sperco Ukraine, Joint Ukrainian-Spanish company in the form of a limited liability company
Hmilnyksilmash, Public Joint Stock Company

The list of products and services:
– Units for speed of processing CABG-2,5 (flat, disc harrows, flexible beard);
– Units for speed of processing 3.6-CABG (flat, disc, harrow, harrow flexible);
– Units for speed tillage CABG-5,6 (flat, disc harrow, harrow flexible);
– The unit combined cultivating AAA-3.0 (2 rjada discs, cultivator, harrow flexible);
– The unit combined cultivating AAA-5,6 (2 rjada discs, cultivator, harrow flexible);
-Ahrehat Combined cultivating (soil tillage after maize, rapeseed, sunflower and other backgrounds) (RowerCUTT-4) (import equipment working bodies);
– Vehicles for roads strewing sand and screening MIA-0,5D (mad);
– Machine for making fertilizer MIA-0.7 (mad);
– Machine for making fertilizer MIA-1.2 (mad);
– Machine for making fertilizer MIA-1.5 (mad);
– Machine for making fertilizer MIA-3,3 (trailer)
– Machine for making fertilizer MIA-4.3 (Trailer)
– Hoe universal hinged CUN-3 (cultivator, harrow flexible);
– Hoe hlybokorozryhlyuvach KU-P;
– Roller Crusher bullpen notched 10;
– Roller gear hydroficated HLC-8;
– Harrow light spring BLP-9;
– Harrow Zubov BZM-5.6; Tedder Tedder CMO-3.7;
– Elevator tractor PT- 1 (vantazhopidyemnistyu 1 ton);
– Elevator tractor PT-1P (carrying capacity 1 ton) Swivel

, Polymer, Limited liability company

Polyethylene film, Polyethylene film Shrink, film shrink plastic pallets, plastic bags, bags and film patterned, promotional packages such as “Mike” and “banana” with a picture of the customer, a film of polyethylene and polypropylene with a pattern of orders, garbage bags.

Uladovka spirit factory, State Enterprise

The list of products and services:

  • Technical ethyl alcohol
  • Ethanol denatured
  • Ethyl alcohol
Vieth-Testanera Korbwaren company offers cooperation

The German company Vieth-Testanera Korbwaren looking for partners who specialize in the production of baskets and other goods for Craft placing orders for production. Since the company’s product range can be found on its web page (below):


Products list:

  1. Poperednonapruzheni concrete sleepers for railways type SB-3
  2. Poperednonapruzheni concrete sleepers for railways type SH1-3
  3. Stands irra contact rail network type SS
  4. Multihollow
  5. Plates fence
  6. Plates road
  7. Pavement tile, inlaid fence
  8. Rings and cover the ringed
  9. Ferro
  10. Foundation blocks
  11. Reinforced concrete pipe pressure vibration extruded
  12. Ferro-concrete free-flow vibration extruded
  13. Concrete free-flow pipes centrifuged
  14. Concrete, mortar and cement
“European System of CERTUA”

Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce and the Polish Society “Integration EAST EUROPE” developed a joint project under the theme “European System of CERTUA”.

The purpose of this project is aimed at providing practical and methodological assistance to enterprises of Vinnytsia region on implementation of quality management and food safety in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000 and ISO 22000, based on the principles of HACCP (in English HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – hazard analysis and critical control points).

Implementation of the above management systems offers advantages:

  • increasing consumer confidence in products and as a consequence – increased competitiveness;
  • expanding markets;
  • compliance with legal requirements for the implementation of the management system of food safety (HACCP);
  • certification of quality management system and/or management system for food safety verification by an independent body;
  • advantage in tenders.

The approximate cost of services depends on the number of staff and the specifics of the company and ranges from 16,000 to 39,000 USD, 50% is paid by grant funds.

We ask you to 30.04.2016r. by e-mail or, or call 0432-52-59-57 inform about the willingness and capacity to participate in the grant project “European System of CERTUA”.

II National Forum on export support: the surprise dialogue exporters and authorities this year?

April 27-28, 2016 in Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine under the patronage of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine under the theme “Discovering the country. Combines Business “will be held the second National Forum of export support. Forum aims to help domestic exporters to improve the business environment and attract investment in Ukraine. This was discussed at a press briefing on announcing the Forum, which was held in the press center of the Ukrainian crisis media center.

The idea II National Forum to support exports – the need for significant reform of the economy and all areas relating to export, because without such support reforms and further rise in domestic production and improve economic performance not possible. “Ukraine is an export-oriented country. Therefore, all issues related to support national exports, should always be the focus of both government and civil society organizations and the business itself. II National Forum of export support – platform for effective dialogue between business and government. It will be held at a time when Ukraine is updated in power, and we hope that members of the new government will take active part in the Forum, listen to the wishes of business and perceive them as a guide to action “- said Sergey whistled, chairman of the Organizing Committee, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

 13015489_697261113750180_7143712817214453165_n          13010833_697260530416905_7506634747656708173_n          13000333_697260403750251_1029117928091389394_n

The program of the Forum provides a gala session with representatives of the Government, Parliament and Presidential Administration of Ukraine on “Implementation of effective economic reforms in Ukraine as a key to successful support domestic producers and increase Ukrainian exports”, panel discussions, round tables and work specialized sections.

13062884_697260267083598_4408201040281914961_o 12998323_697260670416891_5183689397113963559_o 12983941_697260257083599_2819759629857902889_o

Forum consists of 15 panels, during which business tries to develop the best solutions on a range of issues related to the support and promotion of domestic goods and services exporters in markets of foreign countries, especially the EU, overcoming technical barriers, modernization and technical re enterprises in accordance with EU standards, issuing certificates of compliance, licensing products; determine principles regarding the formation of Ukraine export-credit agency, institution authorized economic operators; discuss problems SMEs in export-import operations and more. “We obviously already reached the point where no reforms, only administrative measures can not increase exports. Understanding its role of CCI Ukraine is trying to create the right conditions to promote domestic products from Ukraine. Our common goal – to Ukraine as soon as possible came to the forefront as an exporting country, as well as the state, for which the investor will always be a welcome guest and ally in resolving many issues, including the development and maintenance of both exports and domestic production “, – said Sergei whistled. 13062925_697260277083597_4848970550930665275_o        13040902_697260167083608_580809794761762431_o

Naturally, today we can quickly reorient the economy from Russia towards the European Union – will be lost, and because of the products should be placed in other markets. For this reason, some sections of the Forum will address the issue of the Chinese and African markets. In particular, the planned two large panels aimed at the development of Ukrainian-Chinese relations. One of them will be dedicated to the development of the agricultural sector, the other – the strengthening of cooperation between Ukraine and China in the framework of the “economic zone” Silk Road “. “China has become the first export market for Ukraine in 2015. Many Ukrainian goods already mastered the Chinese market. How to deliver the goods? How to deal with China? These issues will be treated within the agricultural panel. China is very consistent and systematic approach to the implementation of any of its initiatives. Under the initiative “economic zone” Silk Road “has created financial instruments. This – the Silk Road Fund and the Asian Bank for infrastructure investment. For Ukraine, this means availability of finance that can be used to implement joint projects. Practical advice on how to take advantage of financial opportunities and enhance capabilities to create new jobs will be on the second panel. Participation in it will ambassador and trade representative in China, as part of the business will be supported by the government “, – said Ruslan Osipenko, executive director of the China Trade Association. 13063255_697260467083578_895626752687599617_o         13029726_697260163750275_133018857333313363_o

“Joint seminars that we organize with CCI from 2015, which is 9 workshops in 7 regions of Ukraine have shown that our customers, small and medium-sized businesses need most export support, they lack the experience to shift to more sophisticated and demanding market EU. Exports of goods to Asia is an additional area that will allow our companies to conduct more active in foreign markets “, – said Yevgeny Borodin, head of Centre for SME UkrSibbank. In the second National Forum of export support previously will be attended by nearly 700 representatives of Ukrainian exporters, dozens of foreign importers, members of the Government of Ukraine and representatives of foreign governments, the representative delegations from China, Nigeria, the EU and CIS experts in the fields of foreign trade, investment , credit, banking, insurance companies and others.

Transnistrian IV Investment and Economic Forum

May 19-20, 2016 will be held in Tiraspol Transnistria IV Investment and Economic Forum.

Subject Forum:

“Pridnestrovie in a crisis: the survival of the policy to policy development.”

Organizers of the Forum: Trade and Industry Chamber of the PMR Ministry of Economic Development with the support of PMR PMR government.

The Forum is planned for the plenary session, which will analyze the state of the country’s economy, the causes of the crisis and anti-crisis measures taken.

The current topics will be discussed during the two days of discussion on the sites:

• Problems and prospects of development of foreign markets for exports of Transnistrian enterprises.
• The tax system is an important factor in stimulating the economy.
• Improving the business environment and support entrepreneurship – the key to investment and economic growth of the republic.
• Modernization of the technical regulation system as the basis for strengthening the competitiveness of the economy of Transnistria.
• Modern technologies to attract foreign and domestic investment in the economy of the republic. Public-private partnership – new opportunities for business development (PPP projects, technology parks).
• Monetary policy in Transdniestria under devaluation of world currencies, and the devaluation impact on the social stability and economic activity.

Forum Events also include:

• international scientific and practical conference “Investments and Economy: challenges and prospects for growth in the conditions of the TMR”;
• presentation of a public-private partnership projects and industrial parks;
• exhibition of products of areas;
• dialogue of representatives of the Russian-Transnistrian business community;
• meeting with the heads of the foreign participants of the Republic;
• final plenary session;
• Seen successful businesses and historical places.

As part of the dialogue between the representatives of the Russian-Transnistrian business community we will provide contacts and meetings with local manufacturers of products and investment candidates that will begin long-term and productive partnership.


• To participate in the Forum must be by May 1, fill in the online registration form on the website of CCI PMR.
• To participate in the Forum as a speaker you must pass before April 20, online registration on the CCI website and send it electronically to the text of the speech

More information about the Forum is available on the website:

You can also contact us by e-mail:, tel .: (+373 533) 05.07.03.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation with you.

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