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Limited Liability Company – the company “AVIS”

The main areas of activity:

– Food processing, light oil, mayonnaise, margarine, cream, confectionary, high-quality refined and unrefined sunflower oil under TM “AVIS”, “Mayo”, “Generous house”, “ELITE OIL” and others.
– Manufacture of food packaging.

List of products: mayonnaise “Vinnitsa” deli mayonnaise TM “Mayo” mayonnaise “Vinnitsa egg” margarine “Doyarochka” mayonnaise “Exquisite” TM “Mayo” margarine “Creamy Extra” sunflower vysokooleyinova “Children”; Oil TM “Podolsky mark”, butter TM “AVIS” RAF. / Death .; Oil TM “AVIS” RAF. / Death .; sunflower oil raf. / death. TM “Mayo” margarine “puff” margarine “Sun Suite” margarine “crispy crust,” low-calorie soft margarine “Ladybird” cream “Confectioner E” table margarine “Milk”, margarine for puff pastry “Sloyka- K “table margarine” Cream E “and others.