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Seminar: “The financial and technical support from the EU and Canada”
Wed, 30 March 2016, 17:14

How to get irrevocable financial assistance for the implementation of innovative projects and the acquisition of modern equipment?

How to offset expenses associated with participation in exhibitions abroad?

As a free attract the best foreign experts to improve business? What are the new opportunities to enter foreign markets and attracting foreign investment? Answers to these and other questions about the development of their own businesses will receive participants’ financial and technical support to businesses from the EU and Canada, “which will be held in Vinnitsa March 28 on the initiative of the Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce and companies” Euroconsulting. “

To participate in this event invited representatives of enterprises in the production and processing of agricultural products, food production, as well as representatives of hotel and restaurant business.

Entrepreneurs will learn about the four programs of business support implementing the EU and Canada, “Service senior experts (SES)”, “Supporting the development and efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises (trade-off),” Canadian-Ukrainian project to support trade and investment (CUTIS ) and the direction of the EU framework program for research and innovation “Horizon 2020”, dedicated to supporting agri-food sector and agriculture.

Will present the programs coordinator of European Office of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine Martin Reuter, Regional Coordinator of the trade-off in Vinnytsia region, supported by the Government of Canada, Oksana Bondar, CEO of the Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Emma Turos and director of “Euroconsulting” Sergei Desyak .

The workshop will run from 9.30 to 13.30.
Location – Vinnitsa, st. Soborna, 68 (theater them. Kotsyubinskogo), 2nd floor

The seminar program –
The registration fee for participants – 200 UAH.
Registration for the seminar –

Detailed information:

(0432) 50-91-30, (066) 702-22-05 (Nadia Savchuk)
(0432) 52-03-54, (050) 335-96-19 (Victor Dyadkovych)


• As part of the SES (Service senior experts) vysokodosvidcheni experts from Germany, retire, give entrepreneurs advice on the development of marketing strategies and strategies for sales, optimize processes, improve environmental protection and safety, quality management, upgrading, etc. . al.

• Canadian-Ukrainian project to support trade and investment (CUTIS) implemented by the Conference Board of Canada and the Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the project – increase trade and investment between Canada and Ukraine by supporting the access of SMEs Ukraine including those owned / run by women, to Canadian and world markets.

• Project technical assistance “Partnership for urban development” (trade-off) aimed at strengthening the municipal sector in Ukraine; creating a favorable environment for SMEs; support decentralization and integrated development planning at local, regional and national levels.

• Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Its goal – economic development, based on the relationship between research and innovation as well as “transfer of scientific ideas from laboratories to the marketplace.”


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