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Private enterprise “Optimist L”

The activities focus on the construction of residential, industrial, manufacturing facilities, construction materials and structures, as well as work related to energy supply facilities.

Over the years the building created an autonomous group that performs the following activities: production of concrete and concrete products; construction work – from foundation stage to the finishing works.

For the construction company has its own formwork for horizontal elements of the total area of ​​1960m² and vertical elements in a number of 26 sets, own cars, mixers (mixers) and concrete for supplying concrete to construction sites.

License for construction activities 576,132 Series AG 22.04.2011r. valid until 19.04.2016r.
Production areas located on its own production area whose total area is 17,507 square meters on the street. Kiev, 138 – Concrete node.

All production areas and premises located in the city, which allows us to provide timely construction within the area of ​​materials, construction and maintenance of existing equipment and machinery.

The carrying value of fixed assets – amounts to 7 633.4 thousand. UAH. (The commercial value of assets fold higher).