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Enerhospetsservis, Private enterprise

Activity: Production of complete transformer substations and power transformers.

List of Products:

– Complete transformer substations Tower type KTPM power 25-250 kVA;
– Complete transformer substations deadlock kiosk type KTPt power 25-630 kVA;
– Complete transformer substations passing type KTPp power 25-630 kVA;
– Complete transformer substations for urban network KTPMM power 100-1000 kVA;
– Complete pole substation KTPS 25-250 kVA;
– Power oil transformers 25-1000 kVA capacity;
– Chamber unilateral service KSO-309;
– Distribution switchboard panels SCHO-09;
– Cable ATS;
– Devices introductory-distributive and distribution;
– Panels type RSHNN distribution cabinets.