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Dairy Litinskiy, Ltd.

The main activity is the production of hard rennet, melted cheese and pasty, sweet butter, milk powder and whey, and whole milk products.

The range of dairy production of JSC “Litinskiy”:

– Cheese ( “Bukovina” “Dutch,” “Kostroma”, “Russian”, “cream”, “Center”, “Poshekhonsky”);

– Cheese rennet hard ( “Bilozgar-Extra”, “Litinskiy”, “Gouda”, “Marble”, “Dupleґ” “Smetankovyy” “Emmental”, “Reter-goff”)

– Cheese, smoked ( “Bilozgar-Extra”, “Litinskiy” “Petrometal,” Reter-goff “);

– Products molokovmisni cheese ( “Adam Podolsk”, “Bukovina”, “Dutch”, “Russia”);

– Cheeses cheeses ( “Cheddar Kozachok”);

– Processed cheese slices and pasty (Bilozgar smoked “,” Amber Litinskiy “” Hollandskyy, breakfast “);

– Products molokovmisni processed cheese ( “Hunter”, “Prince smoked”, “Podolsky special”, “Family”, “Litinskiy”)

– Sweet Cheese ( “Bear”, “Coffee, White Bear”);

– Butter ( “Bilozgar Suite”, “Litinskiy original”, “Litinskiy packed”);

– Cheese rozsolni ( “Cheeses Litinsca”);

– Whole milk products (milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, sour, yogurt, kefir)

– Dairy dry products (skimmed milk, whey pidsyrna).