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Barcodes – the global language of business communication
Thu, 19 May 2016, 16:51

World system of identification and bar coding GS1 is the basis of today’s practical applications in the field of information technology. This system consists of a set of global standards, establishing common rules for unique identification and use of bar codes. The GS1 system, in particular barcoding is a common global language of trade relations in any industry and in any country of the world. More than one million users in 140 countries around the world use GS1 system. Bar coding is an internationally accepted means of labeling.

It was introduced in order to create the conditions in Ukraine, the implementation of information technology of automated identification and electronic data exchange and the creation of an information base for the control and management of commodity and money circulation; increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian goods on the domestic and foreign markets; reducing turnover time through the use of electronic means into account in the manufacture of the product, its storage, transportation, realization and reporting to the authorities. Bar coding of goods allows for efficient marketing of the market to predict consumer demand, optimize the production and delivery of goods, than again improves the satisfaction of consumer needs. A bar code (barcode) – is composed of vertical bars and intervals of the image, wherein the encoded sequence of characters is an identification number (code) of goods. Bottom line image identification number is added in coded form. This form allows the images to read barcodes with automatic devices – scanners. The marking is done by drawing the image of the bar code on the labels, tags or directly on the surface of the product. Apply the barcode uniquely identifies the product and its manufacturer or distributor “Distributor It contains information about the country of origin of the goods, the enterprise-manufacturer or distributor of the product and of the product.

Name, its consumer characteristics, composition, appearance, characteristic properties etc. Each identification code (bar code) is unique and not repeated in any other country. Responsibility for the global uniqueness of the bar code shall be International organization GS1, contained in Brussels. The Association Article Numbering Ukraine “DzhiEs1 Ukraine” is a member of the International Organization of GS1 and its official representative in Ukraine. To mark its products with bar codes GS1 entitled to only members of the Association “DzhiEs1 Ukraine”. On the registration of membership in the association “Ukrainian DzhiEs1” and getting bar codes for their products to businesses and individuals should contact the Vinnytsia region in the Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce, acting as the official representative of the Association “DzhiEs1 Ukraine” in the region. Department barcoding VCCI provides advice and a full range of services connected with bar code products. Head of barcoding Ponomarenko Jeanna.


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