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Industry Business Webinar: “How to benefit from the digital society?” the 6th of October 2020

There is a possibility for you to step up as the Industry Business Webinar is taking place already on the 6th of October 2020.

Join us online and you will hear how Estonia’s digitally enabled infrastructure and IT expertise create world leadership in physical-digital combinations.

Over time the industrial sector has become more sophisticated and Estonia is emerging as a centre of excellence in industrial automation. Collaborative
ecosystem is supporting rapid innovation, development and launch of solutions like data-driven manufacturing and intelligent monitoring.

15.00 – 15.05        Introduction by our host
15.05 – 15.20        Ida-Viru County Industrial Areas Development Foundation “Business cases of digital society” (presented by Vadim Orlov)
15.20 – 15.35        TransferWise “How to benefit from the opportunities of the digital society?” (presented by Julie Arnoux, Umi Miyahara and Liispet Kaisel)
15.35-15.50          Ernst & Young “Tax incentives” (presented by Ranno Tingas)
15:50-16:05          E-Residency „e-Estonia – Innovative Platform for International Business“ (presented by Jaan Heinsoo)
16:05-16:15          Estonian Investment Agency “Key benefits of digital society” (presented by Andres Labi)

Introducing new solutions, solving industrial challenges, building strong relationships!

Powered by Estonian Investment Agency

You can join the page repeatedly with the same email prior to, during and after the live event.

During the event you can participate in the live Q&A session after each slot which is moderated by our host. Furthermore, TransferWise will be sharing a special sign up link for all webinar attendees for a free 1000 EUR transfer – so make sure to tune in!

Be sure to make a note in your calendar for 6th of October @3 PM (GMT+3) so you wouldn´t miss the chance to be part of digitally advanced industry.


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